Sabtu, 28 November 2015

Cheating - Forgive or Not?

Hellooo peeps!

I have a bunch of new makeup products that I want to share but I still have some problems with the pictures so I will update it later! But, soon!

So, I just want to do a random talk and topic or maybe an advice. Just to warn you peeps, this advice is my personal advice. Everything that happen in your life, everything that you do, everything that you decide, only you yourself that can do it! Don't let anyone or depend on anyone to lead your life. Life happily and be free!

So, the topic is about Cheating. Forgive or Not?

Some people are jerk sometimes or we can say that people or even us never ever feel enough on what we have in your life. That is how human being. I know some of you may think that this is my personal idea, or maybe not all people like that. I know. I feel proud and respect to the people who always feel enough of what they have in life. But for some other people, they cannot feel enough of what they have or maybe they feel enough but still there is still something missing, something that they want, or etc.

So, when your partner cheat on you - i know that you will feel so heartbroken, sad, angry, disappointed and any other worst feeling and even worse if you really trust and love them so much. Then what will happen? Some will break up with their partner or some will try to hold it - just because you love them too much.

But, let me tell you guys! Do not ever fall easily on their sweet mouths after they got caught cheating. Some of them will beg you to forgive them or worst - some of them will point out your mistakes and why they cheat - it's all because of you, they said.

I know it's hard to not forgive them especially when they cried in front of you or they beg you to stay or they say that they can't live without you and etc. But remember guys, they cheat. They do that. They cheat on you.

Okay, maybe some of you think that my advice is really stubborn and self-centered. Okay, let's take a look on their reason. When your partner cheat on you, even it is hard, ask them why they do that. Sort out their reason LOGICALLY.

Some of them will say, you never care of them. Ask yourself, do you really do that? Or some of them will say, you are annoying and they are tired of you - i know this one is harsh but no matter how mad you are, ask yourself - do you being jerk to them?

In the end, when you can think all of their reasons logically, you can go into a solution whether what they say is true or not. But based on experiences of people around me, once they cheat, they will always cheat.

There was one of my friend who got cheated 5 times and she still forgive him. But what he really thinks of it? He thinks that he is allowed to cheat. All he should do is just beg for forgiveness each time he get caught on cheating. Then what happened when the girl really break up with him? 2 days later - I saw him hugging with a girl on a motorcycle. Ironic, isn't it?

So, this is only what I think and my advice based on what I saw, what I heard, and what I think. I know guys, love is blind. Love is complicated. Love makes you weak. But keep using your logic guys, not all people deserve your love. I wish you a good luck in your life and keep doing what is good for you!

With love,

  See you in next post, cheers!

Rabu, 29 Juli 2015

L'Oreal Hydrafresh Gel&Foam

Back with the new thing to discuss! Recently, I was trying a new product. In my old post, I said that a long time ago, my skin got super dry and I can't even wear powder because the powder will break down because of my dry skin.

So, I used Skinfood Lettuce&Cucumber Emulsion and it showed a good progress and heal my dry skin. I used it everyday after shower and it made my skin became really moist. Then, I was planning to purchase another one because mine was almost empty.

But when I went to purchase it, they did not have stock for the emulsion. They only have the cream and other emulsion. Also, to be honest, their price is really expensive :O
It is about IDR 400 or around 40$ only for 1 bottle of emulsion. Because of it is so expensive and what I'm searching for is out of stock, I tried to use another product.

My friend told me to use L'Oreal because she is also using it. So, I went to buy it and my friend told me that L'Oreal usually divide their products in two side which is a cream for day and cream for night. So, I was confused because there are too many cream and it will be super expensive too.

But when I went to there, I was confused to buy a cream for dry skin or oily skin, so I told her that actually I have oily skin type but everytime I took shower, my face will become stiff and dry. So, she told me to use their Hydrafresh Gel. It is for oily skin but it will also hydrate the skin so the skin will not get dry.

The good news is that for Hydrafresh, L'Oreal combine day and night into 1 product. So, I don't need to purchase cream for day and cream for night because this products can be used for day and for night. So, I purchased and tried it.

My first impression of the packaging is good. Because the packaging is made from glass and the color which is blue also looks really nice. 

This is what it looks like when you open it. It has lid and I like the packaging so far because it looks neat and clean.

Well yeah, I changed my mind after look what's inside. The packaging is bad in my opinion because it makes the gel becomes really messy. When I close the lid, the gel will spread out and make it sticky everywhere. So, I really do not like the packaging.

Sorry if the photo is a little bit blurry but this is the consistency of the gel. It is sticky but when you applied it into your face and spread it, it will make your skin becomes so smooth. Put the gel on your face and spread it gently then tap you face slowly. It will make your skin becomes really smooth and moist.

♥ This product claims:
• Micro Sponges: Absorbs excess sebum/oil and prevent perspiration & shine • 8X More concentrated in Zinc: Helps to regulate sebum production • Ocean Deep Water: Provide hydration and prevent water loss,4X More Hydration • ALL DAY HYDRATION: Reduces shine from oily to combination skin

• A light weight skin-cooling texture: Brings an instant ocean splash to your skin, locking in a reserve of hydration and freshness.

• Controls your skin temperature: To prevent perspiration and shine.

• Zinc and Micro Sponge technology: Regulates the sebum and inhibits excessive oil production to bring an immediate Mattifying action.

♥ To sum up, here's my review 
- It gives you matte finishing but hydrate your skin
- It heals my super dry skin
- It doesn't make your face oily at all. (Seriously, when I'm using this cream, I don't get oily at all)

- Bad packaging & not hygienic

So, because the gel is really good in my opinion, I also bought the creamy foam of this Hydrafresh also. MUAHAHAHA :D

This is the packaging of the creamy foam. I like the packaging and this time for real, the packaging looks so good :OO
With the matte look and blue color really suits it well! :DDD

This is the consistency of the foam. So, when you squeeze it out, the foam will be like a gel. You just need to squeeze it a bit and it can fit for your whole face :OO

The texture is just like the name. It is really creamy and sticky. But once you wash them away, your skin will be super moist and good! I use the creamy foam along with the gel and I don't have to worry again with my dry skin!

It is seriously make your skin becomes smooth and moist. Well, for my opinion, I do like this gel and also the foam.

Okay everyone this is all my review about this baamm cream and foam from L'Oreal. Hope it will help! Have a good day :)

Sabtu, 11 Juli 2015

"DOMICILE" Kitchen&Lounge - SURABAYA

"DOMICILE" Kitchen&Lounge

After a really long time curious about this place, I finally went to this place. DOMICILE is actually a resto-cafe and very popular these days. 

Lots of people said that this place is actually the best lounge in Surabaya because not only the place is great but also their food are tasty.

So, yesterday, for celebrating my friend's birthday, we went there. Unfortunetly, we went here at night so the view is not that great for me. Their place's decoration is actually really classy because they put lots of gigantic window in everywhere.

Because of that, it makes a wonderful view at morning. But that doesn't mean that the view are bad at night. But, in the night, they didn't put much light for the room and that's why I don't really like going there at night.

Because it was a bit dark, I didn't take photos of their building. But, you can search it in google and you will find lots of pictures of DOMICILE.

So, let's get into the food!! ^oo^

For, the appetizer unfortunetly I didn't know the name of it because my friend order it by herself. 

The right side are oninon rings and the left side are like some kinda fish bites. They are salty and chewy. The taste are tasty for me and a good companion for the food or if you want a little bit snacking, this is definitely the answer :D

Black Ink Fettucine Seafood White Cream (80k)

This is the best seller of the restaurant at that time and lots of people are craving about it. The texture of the fettucine itself is so chewy and it combines perfectly with the toppings. If you happen to come here, you have to try this.

Sausages Aglio Olio (65k)

The sauce of Aglio Olio itself is actually minced or pressed garlic in olive oil, and chopped parsley or can also be added as a garnish, along with grated parmesan. So, the garlic is very strong and for this sausages aglio olio, it is a little bit spicy because of the pepper. This is also the best pasta in there in my opinion.

Tuna Aglio Olio (75k)

This is actually the same with Sausages Aglio Olio but in here, the pasta is not as spicy as the sausages one. Also, this is one of the most delicious pasta in there in my opinion.

Mushroom Risotto (+/- 90k)

I really forgot the price of the risotto but it is around 80-90k, The texture of the risotto itself is a little bit stiff but it blends well with the mushroom. I don't really like the risotto but some poeple said that this is also best of the menu. 

Cream Chicken and Mushroom Cheese Pizza (70k)

The texture of the pizza itself is very crunchy and the topping is so many. It is very crispy and cruchy on the crust but chewy on the inside. The pizza is very good!!

Greentea Shake (35k)

Vanilla Shake (35k)

Virgin Mojito (35k)

Mandarin Blues (35k)

Greentea Shake is actually really good for matcha lovers out there because the taste of the matcha is really strong and it blended with milk. So, for the sweet lovers, this is actually a good choice for you.

It is also the same with the Vanilla Shake. The milk flavour is really strong and this drink is really sweet. It is really perfect for the sweet lovers.

Unfortunetly, that day I was sick and I was unable to taste the virgin mojito and the mandarin blues. But I bet they taste great too!

So, enough with the food.. In here, there are so many great places to take a picture. The interior is really great and fancy. Before you go home, don't forget to take picture under the DOMICILE name near the restroom! :p

"DOMICILE" Kitchen&Lounge

Jalan Sumatera No. 35, Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60281

(031) 5016900

Sabtu, 28 Maret 2015

Revlon Colorstay Foundation

Yesterday I bought a new foundation to home! So so excited to finally try it :D I have watched all the reviews and the first impression of the foundation and it is quite great actually! 

The only youtuber I can trust is Judy. It is just because she has the skin type like me which is oily. Also I like the way she is reviewing it! It is so clear and so helpful. I like her lah! I trust in her taste too and I should try lots of things she recommended! If...I'm rich later.. :')
You can watch her here:

Back to the foundation, the most important thing is the foundation is not quite pricey! It is still expensive for student's pocket but it is quite cheap actually! Cheap but not cheapy.. hahaha... get it..

Okay lah not funny but what I mean is that product is not low quality! It is great for me and I'm quite impressed with it. 

The packaging is so fabulous in my opinion. It made from a glass and heavy actually. Many people said that the worst thing about this foundation is that there is no pump in it so it is quite hard to squeeze it out. But in my opinion although actually it is a bit of difficult, I like it better with no pump. Idk but I just feel that is the 'real' foundation's packaging should be.. Wait, I'm not saying that the foundation without pump is not real xD but you get what i mean lah! YOU SHOULD GET IT :) hahaha kidding! I mean it is just like the classic foundation although i know if there is a pump it would be very helpful.

♥ This product claims:

- Wears up to 24 hours
- Flawless look, lightweight feel
- SPF 15

The other thing I like about this foundation is actually it is not a sticky foundation. When you first applied it, it is just like water (well not 100% water) but you know, it is just quite light.. It blends so so easily! You just need to apply a little bit of it and spread it out all over your face. The magic thing is although you only squeeze it a little, it can fit whole your face! I'm quite impressed because it is so economical :D haha ignore what I'm saying,

But actually you need a little bit more to cover all your blemishes and imperfections. But in my case, the foundation is not good enough/not enough to cover my blemishes and imperfections, so I need to apply concealer too. 

I tried the foundation today and wear it to college. You know, it has been a really difficult and bad weather for any foundation actually. I was in the sun and sweat a lot, it was windy, storms, tunder , and raining.. Okay kidding, i was in the sun and it was super super hot and I thought my foundation died because of it.

But I was quite shocked that the foundation is still on and i'm not oily at all! Yes, I do sweat a lot but actually it did not get me any oil at all! I'm very impressed with this foundation and freaking love it. I'm gonna wear it every single day! Well, not every single day, but I will wear it A LOT :D

I was wearing it 10 hours and it does disappear a little but it mostly still on! Also the best thing is i'm still not oily! Well, I do get oily but it is just a little, like super super little and I can call it not oily lah!

Besides of that, speaking of the shades that I choose, I'm using it in the shade 110 Ivory.
I think there are 4 shades for this foundation if I'm not mistaken. 

Speaking of the shades, I think I choose the wrong shade because it is just too white for me. When I first applied, it blends well but in the end it will become too white for me. I will give the picture of myself so we can see what skin type I am.

In here, I'm not using any foundation, i'm just using compact powder and a little bit of blush on. As you can see, I have light skin type but Ivory is just too white for me. I think next time I will choose Natural Beige because it is more natural than Ivory.

So, I think for my foundation, I will still using it but I will use it just a little bit. For people out there, if you happen to purchase a foundation which is too white/too bright for you, rather than throw it away, just take a little bit of it and if still don't cover well, use your concealer.

The concealer will cover your blemishes and your foundation will brighten up your skin. If your foundation is too bright for you then I'm sure if you use it a little, it will still brighten up your skin well.

 To sum up, here's my review  
- Very lightweight, not heavy at all. You will not get the cakey feeling or look
- Blends so easily and beautiful
- Matte finishing as they claim to be

- Not much coverage
- Not really stay on 24 hours
- Showing dry patches (if you have combination skin type)

Also, I noticed that I had Combination skin which I get oily in my T-Zone and chin area but really dry in my cheek and around nose. I was a bit confused whether I need to use the Combination/Oily skin or the Normal/Dry skin.

So, what I did is to mix my primer with the foundation. I'm using Make Over Hydration Serum as my primer and mix it with Revlon Colorstay Foundation and it is BAM~
It blends so smooth and not dry me out at all. Also it makes it longer to use.

Well, this is just my thoughts of the Revlon Colorstay Foundation. This is not an ads or anything. I'm just a consumer, well a 'happy' costumer who is quite impressed with their foundation. 
For the dry skin people out there, no need to worry because they also have the foundation for the dry skin type! So, that's all for the review and I can say that this foundation is great! :)

Ps: What is good for me may not be good for you. So, I'm just sharing my opinion and how the foundation reacts on my skin. Some people may not have the same skin type as me because my friend also bought this foundation and have oily skin but this foundation is just not strong enough to cover their oily skin.

Have a good day everyone, cheers!

Minggu, 15 Maret 2015

My Skincare

So, I want share a little bit of my skincare. Well, my collection not really big actually because I'm poor :') well.. but I just want to share what I usually use for my skin!

Skin Food Lettuce&Cucumber Emulsion

I will tell you my condition first. So yeah, one day after taking a shower, my skin got super dry and make me can't even smile because it feels so tight idk why.. So, I applied this into my face everyday and like a magic, my skin got super soft, chewy (idk what the other words. Now I feel my face like a cookie lol) and feel nice lah!

The product look like a white liquid and little bit sticky. Then when you apply it into you face, it feels like water, so you need to spread it all over your face and massage your face. It will dry quickly, when it is done, there will be no more sticky feeling. Your face will feel super good and moist. 

The another magic thing is, I got several big pimple and I can't do anything to take it off or whatever. But after I applied this product, the next day my pimple becomes harden and it take off by itself! This is magic.

Biokos Martha Tilaar Anti Wrinkle

I bought this several weeks ago and trying my best to apply it everyday, but I failed. Hmm..
Yes, I got super busy and I always forget to apply this thing. This is for your under eye circle. I got a super huge and dark under eye circle because I love to sleep late at night. I got a super huge amount of assignments and force me to not sleep early :')

So, there is a little pump in it. The liquid's color is transparant and it is sticky. When you applied it into your under eye, it will take much of your time because this thing didn't dry quickly. You need to massage it all around your eyes and tap it slowly.

Oriflame Diamond Cellular

I think I like this better than Biokos. Before Biokos, I use this a lot for my under eye circle. It shows it progess, I feel my under eye becomes brighter. But when I use this, I never forget to apply this everyday. But for the Biokos, I always forget to apply this. I will try to apply more often then we'll see if this really better than Biokos!

There is also a little pump in it. The liquid is white and not that sticky. When you applied it, spread it all around your eyes for a moment and it will come through your skin

Lip Ice Sheer Color

This lipbalm is super great! My lips got super dry once, then I applied this thing into my lip. The next day my lips go super soft and no more dry lip! This lipblam has a little bit color in it so you can use it when you are going out too! 

The texture is really sticky. Well, I don't like a sticky thing into my face or my lip or my anything. So, I just use this when I need it or when I'm home. But this lipbalm really a reat help for you dry lippiiess!

Acnes Point Clear Treatment Series

This thing is amazing! When you have a really big pimple just use this! It will be dissapear several days later. It is really good for pimples and I use this a lot lot.

The texture is not sticky at all! The texture is like water. It has a roll on thing to apply it into your face.

Biore Cleansing Strips Pore Pack

I think this thing is quite famous. Biore Pore Pack to remove your blackheads. It has 2 fragrance, Cherry Blossom and Green Tea. (I love the cherry blossom!)

Because this is already famous, no need to explain. Great!

Victoria Secret Handcream: Sheer Love

This is amazing. A m a z i n g. A to the mazing! This handcream is my life saver, my angel, my saviour, my everything! Okay, let me explain why I am this overreact like this.

Years ago, my pinkie got super dry and it becomes like a tree's fiber. It is super dry and hurt so so so much. A lot of products I have been using to cure it, but nothing happens. So, I give up and just use hansaplast whenever it hurts. It was really painful for me. Then I bought this handcream and start to apply it after taking a shower EVERYDAY. YOU KNOW WHAT, my hand becomes super soft and my pinkie-look-like-tree-fiber is finally gone!! I really really love love this handcream and I highly recommended this!!

The texture is not that sticky. It dries quickly when you apply it into your hands and spread it. The liquid color's is white and smeels like heaveenn!

Victoria Secret Body Butter: Sheer Love

Because of the the success of it's sibling, the mighty handcream, I decided to buy this. The texture is super sticky so you need really to spread it all over your skin to remove the stickyness. This is good but I think not as good as the handcream.

Clean&Clear Active Clear Speed Cleansing Acne Gel

I also think this product is already famous. This is also good for your pimple. If you have a pimple just use this and it will be dissapear several days later. I think this is almost the same like Agnes Point Clear in my description earlier.

Well, that's all of my skincare product. It is not that great, not that expensive, but it is surely super good and I highly recommended all of this! =)

Temporary Tatto

Hey hey heeyyy! After a long long week of works and school, i'm trying to be productive here! 

This time I will introduce the temporary tatto. Are you afraid of using tatto? Are you afraid that it will hurt you? Are you afraid being called as a bad girl/bad boy? Nah! Here, temporary tatto is a tatto that you can apply it by yourself, kinda look like a sticker and no pain at all! This tatto only last for 3 days or maybe a week. No more pain!~

Steps of using Temporary Tatto:

First, you gotta choose what tatto you want to apply to your hands!

After a little bit war in your heart, you decided your tatto! Then cut it as close as to the tatto itself! Yes, I know I'm really bad at cutting and really not artistic :')

Then, put it in your hand! Grab a really wet tissue/towel then pat it into back of your tatto! Pat and press it for 10-20 seconds. After that, try to pull the paper slowly, if there's nothing in it, put it back and add more water into your towel/tissue then press it. 

Pull it slowly then it's done! Taraaaaa~

Kamis, 08 Januari 2015

Starbucks :3

I'm really adore food bloggers out there that always have a good and tempting food picture. Such as eatandtreats, ladyironchef, etc. They always go to nice places and order LOTS of food and reviewing them one by one. One of my dream job is actually becomes a food blogger. Imagine that you will be travel all around the world and try LOTS of foods there and WON'T PAY, BUT YOU WILL BE PAID. Wtf, what job that can be nicer than this.

I love writing. I love tempting and nice food picture. I love taking a good picture. But the problem is, I CAN'T TAKE A GOOD PICTURE OR I CAN'T ORGANIZE A PICTURE TO BE GOOD AND TEMPTING. I really need to take a lesson in that. Actually that's not the main reason, HAHA, I'm actually just poor :")

So, here, I will take a review on Starbucks' menu that I tried. I know maybe some of you already know and tried all inside the starbucks. But, here I will just share and tell you what is in my opinion on Starbucks' menu that I tried.

Starbucks Iced Coffee Jelly (right one)

Well, this is the first Starbucks drink that I tried. It is kinda bitter but you can feel the strength of the coffee itself. Well, because I don't really like bitter things,I don't like this one. Because it was my first time to Starbucks, I honestly don't know what to order at that time. So, I ordered what caught my attention at that time and pretended like a Starbucks addict that already went to Starbucks many times (which is really stupid lol wtf).

Iced Caramel Macchiato

Because I was regreting the Iced Coffee Jelly that I tried earlier, I was afraid to order another one again. In my head, it's just like "Starbucks is bad. Starbucks sucks. Starcbucks isn't nice at all". Lol. Then months later, I went to mall and I decided to try another drink. And I'm still stupid. I don't know what to order again. I jut order what catch on my attention. So, I ordered Caramel Macchiato bcause the name is so fancy. Lol. This drink a little bit bitter at first but when the coffee and the milk is well blended, it is sweet but not too sweet. It is good and has a strong taste of the coffee.

Starbucks Iced Cappucino

This drink is actually the same with the coffee that you usually drink. Maybe the taste of the coffee is better but sorry Starbucks, there is just nothing special in this drink. This drink is just a cappuccino taste like the usual coffee.

Starbucks Cotton Candy

Well yeah, this drink is a combination of raspberry syrup and milk. The taste is sweet and..that's it. It is just sweet. Actually the taste is a little bit same with Indonesian's dessert called "Es Kopyor". This is not bad actually, but it is just sweet and that's it. Nothing more special. At first I was expecting it will taste as soft as cotton candy just like the name. But, it's just sweet. But overall I can call this drink is good especially for the sweet lovers.

Iced Coffee Caramel

FINALLY MY FAVOURITE!! THIS IS MY MOST FAVOURITE DRINK EVER AT STARBUCKS. The texture is so sweet and so nice also so soft! The combination of the caramel and the coffee is just like heaven on earth!! I order this drink like million times because I just click and love this drink to the death. But maybe it is a little bit too sweet for those people who don't like sweet things. But for sweet lovers, THIS IS HEAVEN!!

Iced Signature Chocolate & Signature Chocolate (hot)

CHOCOLATE LOVERS, PLEASE PAY ATTENTION. I JUST FOUND A HEAVEN FOR YOU HERE. Nothing much to say, this drink is beyooondd perfect!! For all of the 'real' chocolate lovers, they will die happily because of this. Why I called 'real' chocolate lovers because there are lots of people who like chocolate but don't like dark chocolate. How come you hate dark chocolate, hah?! Dark chocolate is the real taste of chocolate before they combine it with milk, caramel, nuts, or anything on it. This drink really has a rich texture of dark chocolate and just perfect! I love it so so muchhh.

By the way, just a little tip from me, for hot signature chocolate you better choose the original one, not the one with caramel or hazelnut. Because it will be a little bit too sweet if you add caramel into your hot chocolate.
For Iced one, the Iced Signature Chocolate is enough to be a heaven for you, but for me, it's better to add caramel! Choose the Iced Caramel Signature Chocolate and it will give you DOUBLE HEAVEN ON EARTH!!

Starbucks Cheesecake

Well, from the left is Iced Toffee Nut, Signature Chocolate, Iced Caramel Frappucino. The main focus this time is the tiny heaven in the middle. Yaass, the heavenly cheesecake! This cheesecake is so cheesy and soft and yummy! This is the best cheesecake i've ever had (well, beside of the cheesecake that I had from Dapur Cokelat). The textire is soft and chewy and it will melt on your mouth!!

Iced Toffee Nut Latte

Speaking of toffee nut, this drink only come out when the christmas time. This drink has a rich texture of a nut that blended with coffee. You can feel the nut in the coffee! This is my fourth best drink on starbucks. Sadly, it's just for christmas time!

Iced Green Tea Cream

Helloouuww another heaven! This is my third most favourite drink in Starbucks! The texture of the green tea and melt with the milk! This is just best and perfect! It has strong flavour of green tea which is popular from the KitKat Greentea (snacks from Japan) and strong sweet flavours!! One word, perfect.

White Chocolate Red Velvet Cake

From the left, iced signature chocolate, iced toffee nut latte, iced caramel frappucino. Cheesecake, white chocolate red velvet cake. I don't really like their red velvet actually, i think it has much layer that make it bad. I don't really get the sweet from the cake. But some people got it and they said that this is nice and the best red velvet they've ever had. Well, different people, different taste. Well, sorry, for me, I don't really like it. But the white chocolate topping is perfect! Lol :p

Strawberry Cheesecake Frappucino & Chocolate cheesecake

Hellow! This is consider as 'new' recipe from starbucks! I think it is already released on other countries for a really long time, but at Indonesia, it is just released! It is nice but actually because i don't really like strawberry, it tastes just plain for me. But for strawberry lovers, this is like 100% strawberry milk taste. The crunchy topping that will be melt and taste like cake flakes is so damn good!!

For the chocolate cheesecake, it is just like another heaven on earth! The cheesy taste of the cheesecake melt with the chocolateyy taste on chocolate is such a perfect combination!! But I like the original cheesecake better! But this is also beyond perfect! The texture is so chewy, soft and sweet! LOVE :")

Almond Croissant

The drink is Iced Caramel Ribbon Crunch. The taste is just same as the caramel frappucino, but this is sweeter and has a crunchy topping that lead us die to heaven! For dessert, I ordered Almond Croissant, Jesus, another heaven on earth!! The crunchy from the almond and in the inside is the sweet liquid (idk what is it probably melted sugar but not a caramel) and the chewy texture from the croissant itself.  It is just good!!

Chocolate Chip Cookie

 Another Iced Caramel Frappucino (I told you I order it million times lol). Beside of it is the chocolate chip cookie! The price is just ok if we see the size of the cookie! But sadly, it's not as sweet as the usual chocolate chip cookie. But it is still good! It is crunchy and nice :)

English Breakfast Tea

Okay, I should know when I order it, it will taste just like another usual tea lol :p
But actually maybe it's kinda has richer flavour and texture of the tea. When you received it from the barista, it will be a plain tea, so you need to add the sugar as you pleasure. Well, even it is just like another tea, it is good!

Well, that's all I already tried! Well, there is another drink like Vanilla and the other drink that I forgot what the name is. But, that's it! I hope the information will help you to find the right drink (pstt because it's a little pricey) but I tell you that Starbucks is my most favourite cafe. Thankyou Starbucks for creating good and tasty drinks and desserts! I love you!