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Pixy Pure Finish Compact Powder

Hey lovelies!

To be honest, I haven’t found a super super good powder that makes my skin super flawless. But, there are some products that I like because it keeps my face matte without making it dry. I am also beyond happy because that product is from my own country, Indonesia. Not because the sense of nationalism or anything, but if it came from my country, it must be cheaper than brands outside Indonesia. HAHAHA. #EvilLaugh

Today I want to talk about Pixy. Not Pixi. It’s Pixy. The product is made in Indonesia but licensed by Mandom Corporation Japan. To be honest (for the thousand times), I purchased this because the packaging is super cute! The packaging is pink with white lace. I did not expect much because it is an Indonesian brand. Again, I’m not being shit or anything to my own country but products that came from my country always look bad on me. Sometimes it can be unblended, make me dry, make me oily, and many more.

That is why I’m super excited that this powder works for me! :)

This product claims:
-  SPF 25 & PA +++, optimal protection towards UVB and UVA rays
- Matte lucent powder
 Non comedogenic – clinically tested
 Natural Whitening Extract & Derivat Vitamin C, as whitening agent

In my opinion, this powder is great for daily use. It does not give me any coverage or make my skin whiter but it makes my skin smoother. The most important thing, it gives me a matte finish look without making it dry.

To sum up, my opinions

-  Great everyday powder
- Matte finish look without making it cakey
- Super pretty and princess like packaging
- Super cheap and affordable

It does not smell really good at first but it will disappear
- Light coverage, you have to apply more :)

Name   : Pixy Pure Finish Compact Powder [Shade: Pink Beige]
Type    : Compact powder
Size     : 11g
Rate     : 8/10
Price    : IDR 35.000

Overall, I’m happy because I can find a good powder for me! It’s also available everywhere which makes me happier. It is also last super long. I have been using this almost 1 year but I still haven’t hit the pan at all! :D

Until next time!



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