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Wardah Exclusive Matte Lip Cream

Hey everyone!

We are back at reviewing more about Indonesian product! I think nowadays professions such as youtuber and vloggers are getting more popular here, people are starting to start their channel on YouTube. Most of the girls here are opening their channel for makeup which makes markets for the makeup here are getting more and more popular. I think that the quality of makeup in Indonesia has improved. I'm not saying that Indonesian products are bad, they are just not as good as famous makeup brand in the world. But I feel that right now, they are getting better and can be as good as other famous makeup brands too. I think that people outside Indonesia should know about Indonesian makeup product too because they are getting so much better!

This matte lip cream from Wardah is phenomenal right now in Indonesia. Can we talk about the packaging first? It looks really expensive and awesome. Well, it's really similar to Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip, they might inspired from or it or whatever but it's good anyway. However, the applicator is a bit different though. They are both are doe foot applicator but the Wardah one is not as bent as the Colourpop one. But they are both applied nicely on the lips.

I bought this on the first launch of this product. There were no much shades to pick because they only released 6 shades but actually only 3 shades available on the market. I don't know, it's weird. I only bought 1 because I don't like the other 2 shades which I don't know the name too... I guess it was 01 Red-dicted, 02 Fuschionately, and 05 Speachless. I bought the number 05 because it was the most attractive shades for me and which also has a cute name. It has the peachy pink color and that is why the named it S-peach-less. I don't know why but it was a genius one in my opinion lol I'm so weird.
Unfortunately, I don't like this color because it was too bright on my liking. But then I tried to mix it with Nyx Lip Cream on the shade Stockholm and it works beautifully! It changed a bit of its texture too which surprisingly makes it even better.

Well, let's get into the point on what I think about this product~

Pretty and high class packaging
The colors are pretty (after they launch more shades)
It dries matte (as what they claim to be)

Cracking. I know that maybe 90% liquid lip will give this kind of effect especially if you have a dry lips. But I think that it gives a very dry feeling that makes my lip cracked and the color becomes ugly too. For a tip if you really want to use this, make sure to moisturize your lips first before put it.

Color does not blend well. It needs LOTS of layer to get a good color pay off. The color does not blend well in my opinion.

The smell it's too chemical. If you are sensitive to a smell, please keep this in mind. The smell does not stay though, but when you put it you will smell a strong chemical scent on your lips.

Name   : Wardah Exclusive Matte Lip Cream
Type    : Liquid lipstick / Matte Lip Cream
Size     : 4g
Rate     : 4/10
Price    : IDR 59.000

Sadly to say, this Matte Lip Cream is not my favorite. They are not a bad product though, but I just prefer other liquid lip to go with because it's too dry on my lips and does not have a good staying power too. It transfers and not long-lasting on me. But every product is different on every people and based on review that I read and heard, this lip product suits them well and there are lots of positive reviews about it. So, don't hesitate to try!

Until next time.

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