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Kathleen Lights X Ofra - Miami Fever

Hey everyone!

Because of the popularity of liquid lipstick, brands on the market are in competition to create lots of beautiful liquid lipsticks for people to try. Many of them are trying to do collaboration with makeup youtubers because makeup/beauty gurus on the internet are really happening right now. One of the most influential beauty guru, Kathleen Lights, did collaboration with Ofra. She created a beautiful – most stunning liquid lipstick that I have ever seen. And I’m not being too much you guys – I tell you. Let’s read more to find out! :p

The packaging is gorgeous – yes indeed, but colourpop packaging stills a winner in my heart lol. I love colourpop packaging so much even though lots of liquid lipsticks are using that kind of packaging right now. The applicator is a doe foot applicator – like any other liquid lipstick, and I don’t find any problem or weirdness on it – so it’s cool!

Miami Fever is the first shade that Kathleen created with Ofra and it is stunning! To be honest, I have never liked or interested in the “cool” tone or bright-colored lipstick. But in my opinion, this shade is so unique! It is red but has kind of orange tone on it. The first time I saw it, I was like omg omg omg I need to buy that! But I was hesitating because A). No one sell it in Indonesia and I have to ship it to get it here which is a big no for me because the shipping will be sooo pricey. B). I don’t really like bright colors. C). I have never tried or heard Ofra before, and many other considerations that probably you won’t care about lol.

But when it’s finally came in Indonesia which a.k.a an online shop sells it, I purchased it and I’m not regretting it at all. I should’ve purchased it earlier because it’s so gooood you guys. The color suits me well and it’s just really pretty! I died <3

Long-lasting – like super
Color is stunning!! Beautiful. I love you Kath & Ofra, for creating such an awesome color.
Not cracking. Really comfortable
Pigmented <3

It’s quite hard to apply because it’s kind of thick. You have to be really precise.
It’s difficult to remove. Actually a good news because it’s long-lasting. But if you make a mistake, it will be a hell difficult to remove / if you want to change color, it will be a bit harder.

Name   : Ofra X Kathleen Lights [Shades: Miami Fever]
Type    : Liquid Lipstick
Size     : 6g
Rate     : 9/10
Price    : $19.90

For me, I really like it! It has a unique color in my opinion and I never had before. The texture is nice and comfortable. It’s not cracking even though it’s a liquid lipstick. The only difficulty is that it’s hard to remove which means you can’t make mistake. Other than that, I really love this product and will try to check out other shades. It’s really beautiful!

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