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Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid

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I can’t ever get enough of lipstick – especially liquid lipstick. There’s no limitation on it, there’s nothing such as ‘I have enough makeup’ because enough is never enough #swag #nope. I have tons of lipstick because I’m such a fool and I have no self-control…and I hate myself. Just kidding, I love makeup.

Recently (or recently in Indonesia), Maybelline came out with a new liquid lipstick called Vivid Matte Liquid. Actually I wasn’t planning in buying it, but because it was a free (which was buy 2 get 1), I purchased it. I have such a mixed feeling about this – let’s check it out.

The packaging is beautiful. The black cap complements well with the rest of the packaging. In the bottom of the packaging, the shape is like the shape of a lipstick which is kind of cute. The applicator is as always – doe foot applicator. I don’t find any problem with the applicator which is good too. After I did some research, I just knew that this is the same product as velvet matte lipstick like the one in the US. Asian version has a different packaging as the US but they are the same product! Here are the differences.

US Version

Asian Version

I’m on the shade Mat 12. I guess they only have numbers and not name on it. The color is kind of nude-brown color which is totally my kind of color. It’s wearable for everyday and natural makeup. I think it’s also perfect on every skin tone because the color is just a basic color.

I have kind of mixed feelings with this product. I know they said it’s vivid which is the kind of velvet, but they claimed it to be matte liquid which I don’t find it true. When I purchased it, I knew that it will be kind of satin liquid lipstick which is creamy, transfer, and not really long-lasting. But surprisingly, it’s not satin yet it’s also not matte. Do you know what I mean? It’s in the middle of satin and matte. Because when you applied it, it does not set as satin (creamy) yet it doesn’t set as matte (dry). It’s just in the between creamy and matte which is kind of confusing, huh? Lol. It felt as if it’s trying to be matte but it doesn’t reach in the matte ‘category’. It does transfer but it’s not too satin as I expected.

Okay, let’s just narrow it down, shall we?

I love the finish which is not too satin.
It does not crack or drying your lips
Color is really pretty. They have quite big range of colors.

It transfers, which is annoying to me. But it does not say it will not transfer, so…
You feel like you’re wearing lipstick

Name   : Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid
Type    : Matte Lip Cream
Size     : 5.0 ml
Rate     : 6/10
Price    : IDR 89.000 or 99.000 – sorry I forgot, but in the web it’s $7.99

Overall, I don’t feel anything special with this product. I mean it’s not bad, but it’s not special either. I feel that there are tons of liquid lipsticks that just the same as this one and I feel that Maybelline lipsticks are all the same texture as this one. But it’s cheap, it does not hurt at all if you want to have this. It’s also travel-friendly because it’s small which makes you easier to re-touch.

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